Before being promoted to General, Captain America fought for a repressive American government and was a nemesis to Lady Deadpool, who fought for the rebels. Captain America came into conflict with the Deadpool of Earth-616, who had teamed up with his female counterpart. Captain America was defeated when Headpool of the zombie universe Earth-2149 bit his right arm, and in the ensuing shock, was knocked unconscious by the two other Deadpools. His infected right arm was then amputated by Deadpool to prevent the General from causing a zombie outbreak.[1]

Later on, his right arm would be replaced with a cybernetic prosthesis. General America soon had Lady Deadpool in his grasp until Wade and Headpool returned. The two battled until General America was taken advantage by Lady Deadpool who impaled his leg. The General was then knocked out by Deadpool.[2]

Some time later, General America took the failed actor turned Rebel Leader Charles Randolph to a secret location in Queens since he had been declared a terrorist. Upon arriving at his address, he interrupted Lady Deadpool's attempts to kill his girlfriend since she was in love with him and her insanity made her saw Charles' girlfriend as a monster so she tried to "save" him. Upon arresting him, Wanda took knowledge of his location and tried to save him, but not before fighting the general one last time. Though he got the upper hand, she finally stabbed in him the chest with her sword, though he is presumably alive considering he survived worse then this.[3]


Seemingly those of Steven Rogers of Earth-616.


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