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As the conflict between the Captain America and Iron Man over super registration reached it's climax in Prison 42, the self destruct was activated by Veranke which destroyed St. Louis and killed millions. Each side blamed the other and the two split into two seperate nations, Captain America founded the Blue where powers were free to be used as long as they didn't hurt anyone. After years of fighting, Miriam Sharpe attempted to negotiate a peace talk, but was assassinated during the talk. Steve figured out the killed was from the Blue side but was aiming at him and so left assuming Stark had called the hit.[1] Returning to the Blue, he took Peter to see the Bellcurve Project, a secret project ran by Beast, that tried to develop a weapon which could remove anybodies abilities. After a successful test, on Sandman but Beast didn't have enough resources to run the test again and so sent Peter to obtain some from the Iron. After Peter's return and Bellcurve was finished Captain America led his troops into the Iron and began the Battle of the Divide‏‎. This conflict continued for hours with Captain America attempting to draw in all the big hitters to activate the bomb, when Iron Man appeared over the battlefield and had Logan launch him and Iron Man. Here Iron Man revealed the truth about the Skrull infiltration. In order to deal with it they decided to throw Bellcurve into the Divide and set it off to remove the Skrulls abilities. However the detonator failed to go off, so both men went down into the divide. They died in the ensuing explosion.[2]

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