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The Captain America of Earth-460 proved to be a thorn in the side of the United States-ruling Purple Man. Unable to kill the Captain, he instead had him sent into the past of Earth-616, specifically the late 16th century. Once in that era, Rogers lived with the local Native Americans in what was to be known as Virginia and taught them what he knew about his present time, his language, and, most importantly, the near annihilation of the Native American people. In this new world, Rogers participated in helping the early Roanoke colony settlers (thanks to him, the colonists did not disappear in 1587) to survive their new environs. During this time, he met a very young Virginia Dare (the first child to be born in America), whom he befriends. Rogers regarded her as the most important person of that time; she was a representation of the America in which he believed. Rogers kept his identity a secret from the Europeans and made a new identity as Rojhaz (pronounced "Ro-gers"; a bastardization of his last name). The colonists then assumed that he was descended from "Welsh Indians" that first settled in America given his obvious racial identity among the Natives. However, despite giving him a chance to live in an America where he could prevent from becoming the dystopian nation of his time, Steven Rogers' arrival caused the other heroes and villains to be created in the early 16th century, resulting in the subsequent destabilization of reality.[citation needed]

In 1602, Rogers escorted the young Virginia as she made herself an ambassador to Queen Elizabeth. When escaping from James I and returning to America, Rogers revealed his true identity to Virginia and Clea Strange. Reality was fixed when Captain America was returned to his own timeline by Nicholas Fury (who was apparently sent back to the same time), and the alternate history he unwittingly created was preserved as a new dimension called Earth-311.[citation needed]

Despite Rogers' permanent absence, the Native Americans remembered what he had told them and were close to war with the Roanoke colonists in order to protect their existence. Luckily, all hostilities were ended peacefully and some Natives were accepted as representatives in the colony's government.



Seemingly those of Steven Rogers of Earth-616.


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  • Although "Rojhaz" fills the Captain America role, he also reflects elements of the Ka-Zar: in one scene, Virginia proposes that she could transform into a giant cat and storm a prison with Rojhaz on her back, much as Ka-Zar rode on the back of his sabre-toothed tiger, Zabu.
  • "Rojhaz" being mistaken by the English to be descended from Welsh explorers, who reached America before Christopher Columbus, is a reference to the myth of Prince Madoc which was developed in the Elizabethan era to bolster English claims to the New World.
  • "Rojhaz", acting as a guardian to the Roanoke colonists, can also be a reference to the Native American Mandan mythological figure Lone Man, who, according to one tale, provided his people with homes during and after a great deluge.

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