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Quote1.png At the center of all the hullabaloo stood the most stubborn man I knew... a man that couldn't abide tyranny... the town's sheriff, Steven Rogers. Quote2.png
Ben Urich[src]


Sheriff Rogers was in the saloon with Anthony Stark (Earth-51920) when reporter Ben Urich burst in to let Steve know of a lynching out at the Dam.

Rogers arrived just in time to save Red Wolf, the man who was being lynched by Mayor Fisk's men. He was then taken into custody, so that he could stand trial before a judge for the crimes for which he was accused. Back at the jail, Red Wolf explained his motives, and Sheriff Rogers told him he would do his best to assure a fair trial, over the objections of Mayor Fisk. Fisk's men then attempted to kill Anthony Stark, in order to silence his drunken singing, forcing Sheriff Rogers to intervene and save his life; however, the encounter had been a distraction to lure Rogers out of the jail while Fisk had sent Turk to kill both he and Red Wolf. Red Wolf managed to disarm him, despite being behind bars though, and shot him dead with his own gun, just like the rest of Fisk's men.[1]

Governor Roxxon then sent in Bullseye, Grizzly, Elektra, and Otto Octavius to help intimidate Judge Nelson into leaving town rather than presiding over Red Wolf's trial; meanwhile, Natasha Barnes confronted Sheriff Rogers for protecting Red Wolf, as she believed the Cheyenne killed her husband, Deputy Barnes; however Rogers assured her that the Native Americans were framed by Fisk's men for that death.

Fisk's new quartet then ambush them in the streets of Timely, forcing Sheriff Rogers to remove Red Wolf's leg shackles so that he can run for his life. As Rogers engaged Bullseye, Red Wolf grappled with Elektra, before Otto intervened, causing Red Wolf to flee, leaving Sheriff Rogers to fend for himself. Rogers incapacitated Bullseye and killed Otto, as Grizzly and Elektra gave chase to Red Wolf.

The Sheriff dragged Bullseye to the street in front of Mayor Fisk's Office, calling upon the people of Timely to take back their town, but the residents cowered in fear, and Rogers was soon distracted by Grizzly and Elektra cornering Red Wolf. He fired a shot that grazed Grizzly, saving Red Wolf's life; however, it cost him his own, as Bullseye drew a hidden firearm and shot Rogers through the heart. His corpse was thrown by Fisk to the pigs despite Doctor Bruce Banner's pleas to examine the body.[2]

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He was a very accurate marksman.[2]




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