Steve Rogers was a weak and frail man who was excluded from the draft because of his polio. He volunteered for a government experiment and was given a formula created by Dr. Vaselli which successfully transformed him into a Super-Soldier at the peak of human development, but before any more Super-Soldiers could be created Dr. Vaselli was murdered by a Nazi spy and the secrets of the process were lost. In Italy the Red Skull was planning to launch a missile at the White House. Steve Rogers, now known as Captain America, was sent in to defeat the Red Skull and stop the missile launch.[2]

Captain America entered the launch compound, but after an initial fight the Red Skull defeated him and then tied him to the missile. Captain America was able to grab a hold of the Red Skull, forcing him to cut off his own hand to avoid being launched. While the missile was over Washington, D.C., a young boy named Thomas Kimball, who would grow up to be the President, took a photograph as Captain America forced the missile to change course and land somewhere in Alaska, where he remained frozen until 1990.[2]


Artificially Enhanced Physiology:' Rogers was transformed from a normal man into a Super-Soldier, granting him enhanced strength, and enhanced healing.[2]

  • Enhanced Strength: Rogers is stronger than ordinary humans, he has been seen to break restrain steel cuffs.[2]
  • Enhanced Healing: Rogers was able to heal faster than normal humans. He healed from multiple gunshot wounds faster than ordinary humans.[2]


Average Combat Fighter: Captain America was able to hold his own against Red Skull, if not defeat him.[2]




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