In the Marvel Apes universe, Captain America, a gorilla in this world, led a life similar to his human Earth-616 version, up until the point he was ambushed and frozen into an iceberg by his world's version of Baron Blood. Years later in the modern era, Captain America was revived by Gibbon, Wolverine, and Speedball and helped them fight off the vampire Namor. Afterwards, they set out to stop Baron Blood, who had taken Captain America's form and identity. During the final battle between the Ape-vengers and the Outcasts, Captain America helped to defeat the Invaders, and after the vampiric Invaders were killed, Captain America became the leader of the Ape-vengers.[1][2]


Seemingly those of the Steven Rogers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Steven Rogers of Earth-616.


Captain America's Shield, Captain America's Uniform

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