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Captain America assumed Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Thing arrived to tell of a world ending event, instead of collecting the Avengers missing newspaper payment. He jpined the trio on visiting Hawkeye and the Thunderbolts. Hawkeye initially didn't have any money until he realized tha he was on the front of yesterday's paper and suddenly had the money to buy them all. Spider-Man, Thing, Wolverine and Cap returned the Daily Bugle, having collected all the money and Spider-Man thanked the others who left[1] Captain America opposed Iron Man's desire to have all the users of the play park be registered. He tried to convince Parker to join his team but he left. After Peter needed to gain his job back he helped "remask" him to appease J. Jonah Jameson.[2]

Captain America was one of the Avengers who received a special custom-built armor designed by Iron Man.[3] He was good friends with Wolverine.[4]

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Seemingly those of Captain America (Steven Rogers) of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Captain America (Steven Rogers) of Earth-616.



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