During the final battle between his army and Iron Man's forces in the Civil War that engulfed the entire planet, Captain America and his rival mortally wounded each other; Steve survived, but Tony didn't. Consumed by guilt and grief, Steve abandoned the mantle of Captain America and became the Civil Warrior, combining the technology of his fallen friend to his own arsenal to prevent a conflict like that from ever happening again.[2][3]

Contest of Champions

At some point, the Civil Warrior was captured by the Collector and taken to Battlerealm to participate his Contest of Champions.

Cosmic Civil War: Endgame

When the many alternate versions of Captain America and Iron Man started a Cosmic Civil War on Battlerealm, the Civil Warrior thought himself stranded on his personal purgatory. It took the combined efforts of the Summoner and Doctor Strange to snap him out of it. Afterwards, the Civil Warrior was taken to the site of the final battle between Iron Man and Captain America to end the war. He was recaptured by the Collector along with the other Champions as soon as the war ended.[4]


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Civil Warrior Armor


Arc Shield

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