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When Doom was the United States President in the year 2099, John Herod, the director of Chicago Reserve (a secret stockpile of MegaCorps technology), faked the resurrection of Captain America (Steve Rogers), using an easily controlled meat puppet from the Reserve. "Captain America" told the mass media that Doom, during the Heroic Age, had killed all of the Avengers and other heroes during the final battle.[1]

After this (fake) revelation, "Rogers" became the new President of the United States; in his President period, Rogers built a new version of the White House in Washington, D.C., the Red House, and he became the new director of SHIELD. In his first mandate, President Rogers decided (under Herod's plan) to banish all of the superheroes in the United States by killing them using the SHIELD Police force. Under his orders, SHIELD killed the Punisher (Jake Gallows), the Hulk (John Eisenhart), Galahad (Ethan Shields), and finally Metalscream, as well as his assistant, Litany Kirkpatrick.[2]

Some time later, Doom took his revenge against Herod and the Chicago Reserve, destroying the Red House. Rogers and all of his staff perished in the destruction.[3]

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  • A YouTube video published by Marvel Entertainment identified President Rogers' real name as "John Flamel".[4] This appears to be a mistake, as John Flamel (Metalscream) was a separate character in 2099. Indeed, Metalscream was one of President Rogers' victims during the hero culling of 2099 A.D. Apocalypse #1.

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