Senator Shaffran sought to use his mutant powers for political gain. At some point Shaffran aligned himself with Mister Sinister. He used his powers to increase Quicksilver's metabolism to the point where he appeared to be aging faster. He subsequently affected Multiple Man and Strong Guy, attempting to discredit the newly reformed X-Factor.

However, their plans were uncovered when the real Multiple Man infiltrated the Nasty Boys in place of the rogue dupe Shaffran helped create. Sinister posed as Shaffran and exposed his plot as the Nasty Boys battled X-Factor, discrediting him as a mutant and megalomaniac. An angry and disgraced Shaffran shot Sinister in the back, only to be killed when the bullet ricocheted off of Sinister's armor back at him.[1]


Probability Manipulation: Senator Shaffran possessed powerful probability altering powers. He used them to change things to his favor, cloud minds and even to disrupt the mutant powers of others.



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