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The man would be known as "Stewart Ward" had a bit of rivalry with Arthur Stacy for the affection of Nancy Jean, but Arthur eventually won her over and the two got married, leaving Ward bitter and resentful.[2]

He soon started working for the CIA, and under the nickname of Sentry, went on a mission alongside Arthur, also nicknamed Seeker, and Ranger, to infiltrate a Hydra base to destroy their experiments relating to aliens. However, it was discovered that Sentry was a double agent for the alien Z'nox which lead to Seeker and Ranger forced to kill him, but during the confrontation Sentry was infected by the alien virus released by the corpse of his alien contact, turning him into an alien hybrid which also left him amnesiac.[3]

Over the ensuing years, Sentry began going by the name Stewart Ward and became the senator of the United States and was even outed as the next president. He apparently had forgotten about his infection, although he also seemed to have remained in contact with the Z'nox.[4] He recovered the Hydra agent known as Crown and turned him into the vampiric Hunger.[5][6] After being accused of killing innocent people, Ward went to the JFK Airport where he was attacked by Ranger, but was saved by the new Spider-Man and a retired Peter Parker.[4]

He then arranged with Wizard a fake attempt on his life. Accompanied by his new bodyguard Sandman, they were confronted by Trapster. Spider-Man, now Peter Parker, intervened, but Sandman attacked the hero, and Ward with the two villains tried to escape, but Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four came to defend Ward. After the villains were captured, Ward released a press conference explaining what had happened, and then berated the Wizard for making the attack too realistic.[7]

When J. Jonah Jameson began publishing articles about the "Sewers Killer", Ward invited Jameson into his limousine and demanded Jameson to kill those stories, since the Sewer Killer was Ward's agent Hunger. After Spider-Man and Marrow battled Hunger, Ward had his agents retrieve him.[8]

After Spider-Man rescued Ward from an assassination attempt by Hydra, Ward accused the hero for being part of the attack, forcing the hero to flee. After that, he had his men bring Arthur to him atop an unfinished building and tried to convince Stacy to join him, but he refused. Suddenly, they were attacked by Bullseye who was sent by Kingpin to kill Ward. Spider-Man was able to rescue both men after Bullseye exploded the building as a parting shot after being forced to retreat.[9]

Ward then assisted Wizard and Trapster in capturing Ranger, Betty Brant, and Spider-Man to use them as test subjects for Wizard's Dimensional Matrix Transponder. While the three were trapped in a holographic illusory world, Ward argued with Wizard about his plan to harness the energy of the Negative Zone. After Wizard seemingly disappeared into the void, Ward fled in his limo. Inside he was contacted by his superiors. While flying to Washington, D.C. he saw on the news Wizard using his reality warping powers and reported this progress to his superiors. After his superiors berated him following Wizard's defeat by the hands of Spider-Man, Ward put the blame on Wizard and then went to a apparently abandoned house where he greeted a friend from the Negative Zone.[10]

After Spider-Man warned Ward about Arthur planning to kill him, an unconcerned Ward contacted Doctor Octopus for assistance, but upon his arrival they were attacked by Sandman's Sinister Six who planned to kill Otto and kidnap Ward on the behalf of an unknown benefactor. Leaving the Six to fight Spider-Man, Ward and Doctor Octopus tried to flee, but Octavius was poisoned by one of Kraven's darts. After Spider-Man saved them again, Ward tried to leave them behind, but run into Arthur who was about to shoot Ward, but Spider-Man disarmed him. Then the Sinister Six caught up to them, and as they began overpowering Spider-Man, they tried to get to Ward, but suddenly he began emitting energy which he used to attack the Six. At Mysterio's command Electro was able to neutralize Ward's powers and the two left their teammates to Ward.[11]

While at Washington, Ward met Robert Kelly and agreed to support his presidential bid, but Kelly didn't shake Ward's hand due to a cold, but his aide Susan Strong did, and agreed to go out for dinner with Ward sometime, while unbeknownst to her, she had been infected by Ward's pathogen. While getting amorous with her he told her that Kelly would owe him his support which caused Strong to storm off.[12]

After assaulting Eddie Brock at the Calvary Cemetery and stealing his symbiote, Ward send a threatening note to Arthur and had his men ransack Stacy's house and put a booby-trap inside. After that, he began studying the symbiote to better understand his own alien pathogen.[13] After learning all he could from the symbiote he released it and infected his agents and send them to attack Arthur's daughter, Jill. After Spider-Man and Ranger repulsed the mindless thralls, Ward arrived at the scene, now assisted by his Z'nox ally and other Z'nox who had been transported to Earth, since the planet had become a intergalactic prison.[14]

In the ensuing battle the Z'nox abducted Arthur, while Ward infected Spider-Man and Ranger with his pathogen. He hooked Stacy to his machine in his underground lair intending to transfer the virus into Arthur, since his own body was being ravaged. Spider-Man and Ranger arrived at the lair and battled the Z'nox, while Ward changed his plan to instead infect the leaders of the United Nations. As Spider-Man and Ranger defeated the Z'nox, Arthur broke free and injected Ward with the pure pathogen mutating him into a monster of mass of tissue. He battled Spider-Man and Ranger, with the former injecting the antidote into Ward's exposed arteries causing him to explode, while Ranger remained behind to ensure Spider-Man and Arthur escaped. After the explosion Ward's body transformed into a mist of antidote which spread throughout the city curing everyone who had been infected.[2]


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Stewart Ward was infected by an alien virus of Z'nox origin which slowly consumed his body and transformed him into a oozing pink mass of tissue:[3]

  • Shapeshifting: Although he was transformed into a mass of pink tissue, he was seemingly able to revert to his human form.[11]
  • Energy Manipulation: He was able to burst into energy and zap the Sinister Six.[11]
  • Mind Control: When exposing the virus to his victims for a long term, he was able to turn them into zombie-like agents.[14]


Skilled weapons user: Ward was skilled in the use of firearm.[3]

Skilled in computers:[3]

Skilled politician: Ward became a senator and was outed as president.[4]


Amnesia: Ward seemingly suffered from amnesia, although it might not be the case.[3]

Cellular Degeneration: The virus was slowly eating away his body.[2]

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