Stick[1] was a god[3] who lived in a frozen city ("a clockwork masterpiece"), fields of ice.[4]

Having died at some point, he was sent to be destroyed in the maw of the Demogorge.[3]

On the ship to it, he was rejoined by an unknown goddess[3] of war[2] and by Thor (killed by the Serpent).[3] There, their memories (including their own names)[5][4] and strength faded.[5]

Thor soon refused that fate and, enraged, called his fellow gods to fight.[5] As Loki and the Silver Surfer were trying to manipulate Mjolnir, it went from Earth to the Demogorge's place, returning to Thor, who remembered his name, freed his fellow gods and went into battle.[4]

Stick was returned to life following Thor back to Asgardia after the God of Thunder had beaten the Demogorge.[1]

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