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The man known as Stillface apparent had his entire face shot off with a gun. Undergoing plastic surgery, the doctor replaced the skin of his face with plaster, earning him the name of Stillface. By 1948 he was working as a body guard for model Venita Van of the Carleton Modelling Agency. Venita was in love with the agency's owner John Carleton, however he did not have any interest in her. Angry at being spurned, Venita and Stillface began framing the other models of stealing from the agency's various clients, hoping to earn the company a bad name and drive it out of business. However, another model named Linda Waters learned the truth and sought the aid of private detective Mark Mason. With Mason's involvement also came the assistance of the Blonde Phantom, who searched the agency for clues until she was stopped by Venita and Stillface who ordered her to leave.

Venita and Stillface then murdered Linda in one of the offices. During the struggle, Venita and Linda's purses spilled and when fleeing the scene Venita picked up Linda's brand of lipstick instead of her own. The pair left the body to be found by Mark Mason and the Blonde Phantom. They then went to the Carleton Agency's next job at the Ritz Salon where they were once more confronted by the Blonde Phantom's interference. Stillface knocked out the Blonde Phantom and under Venita's orders locked the girl in a closet while they attempted to plant stolen money and flee. However, the Blonde Phantom broke out of the closet and fought Stillface until Mark Mason arrived. Held at gun point, Falseface and Venita surrendered and Venita confessed to her crimes. They were then turned over to the authorities.[1]

Stillface's subsequent fate is unknown.



Stillface has a face made out of plaster; this plaster acts as a replacement for the skin of his face, which was lost to an apparent gun blast to the face. The plaster keeps the flesh of his face protected from injury, and is apparently extra durable as it can sustain multiple blows without cracking or breaking.

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