Quote1 Who are you to co-opt another man's creations, you charlatan? You baboon? You're nothing but a menial thief-- Quote2
-- Spider-Man (Otto Octavius/"Peter Parker") src

A criminal using a Stilt-Man armor, who was stopped by Daredevil and Luke Cage.[1]

He was next seen fighting Spider-Man (Peter Parker) after an attempted robbery, but was able to escape due to Big Wheel interfering trying to be a hero. He was eventually defeated by the Power Pack.[2]

He was later seen near Central Park attacking a truck, just so that he could test out the strength of his upgraded suit. He was interrupted however by the arrival of Ms. Marvel, who got knocked down which caused the truck and the driver to get launched into the park, almost crushing a group of children playing. Ms. Marvel managed to intercept the truck before collision. Before Stilt-Man managed to sneak up on her after saving the children and the driver, Ms. Marvel knocked him down, and managed to deflect his energy blast towards his crotch (seven times).[3]

Along with several other super-villains, Stilt-Man was chosen by the Chadmaster (aka Grandmaster) to fight Dazzler, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing while on roller-skates. Colleen chopped off Stilt-Man's stilts in half, causing him to fall to the ground from a long height.[4]

A while later, after the supposed death of Dr. Octopus, Stilt-Man appeared again attacking an airborne helicopter. He was trying to get to a man named Walter Devonshire, who had a briefcase he needed for an unknown purpose. He was however interrupted by the arrival of both Daredevil and Spider-Man (Otto Octavius). After he showed a new upgrade he made to the suit, which were arms similar to Dr. Octopus' Tentacles, Spider-Man went on to accuse him of plagiarizing technology. This worked as a distraction for Daredevil, who managed to short circuit his suit, and with a final punch from Spider-Man, bringing him down. He was later presumed to have been arrested by the police.[5]


Stilt-Man's Suit

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