After a number of the Avengers were killed in Washington, D.C. by the Absorbing Man, Tony Stark had built a number of robots based on those who died. Among those was one based on the Wasp. The original Wasp robot was fashioned with a personality much like that of her human name sake, and would be part of a group led by the Vision called the Iron Avengers.

After sweeping a section of New York City of Hydras, and battling Frost Giants, the Iron Avengers were all destroyed by the Skull's invading army. The Iron Avengers were later rebuilt by King Britain, although it appears without any personalities based on the Avengers they represent, they would also be mass produced to be a large army of robots. This new robot, dubbed Sting, would defend Buckingham Palace from the attacking Tong of Creel (Earth-9997). It would later be charged with aiding the Black Knight in investigating why the Human Torch in the Savage Land went out.

This would bring them into conflict with the Toad, who had switched mutant powers with Magneto and would put Sting under his control until the Iron Maiden would restore the Vibranium balance in the Savage Land, restoring the Toad to normal. Sting would be used in battling the resurrected Absorbing Man after he literally absorbed all of New York. Following this the Iron Avengers have had a lesser presence in the happenings on Earth-9997, but at least one Sting robot was present during the wedding of King Britain and Medusa. A number of Sting robots accompanied Iron Maiden out into space to save the Eternals who have spent an extended period of time trapped in Vibranium in space.

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