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Stone was the favored pupil of Stick. He heeded his master's call to battle The Hand. Although he wished to stay with Stick, he was told to take Daredevil and Black Widow to safety as Stick and Shaft sacrificed themselves.[citation needed]

Later, Stone assisted Daredevil as the Hand prepared to resurrect Elektra. He restored Elektra to life and purified her spirit by using Matt Murdock's love for her and a portion of his own lifeforce. This weakened Stone considerably and he was thought to have died.[citation needed]

Several years later, Daredevil found Stone still battling the Hand. He cautioned Stone to be more careful about killing.[citation needed]



Stone can focus his chi to enhance his durability. As long as Stone is aware of an incoming attack, he is capable of withstanding it. Stick also taught him a form of resurrection.


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