Stonehenge iw n ancient stone circle and center of mystical power located in Amesbury, England, at the Salisbury Plain in the county of Wiltshire.[1]


According to Umar, The Ancient One once humbled Dormammu there "in the dim, half-forgotten past".[2]

It was also seemingly a launching pad for Kree Eternal Demon Druid/Ard-Con, used by his followers as a temple.[1]

Modern Age

In recent times, Umar invaded Earth and the Ancient One brought her to Stonehenge to duel him without threatening innocent lives. Once in Stonehenge, the Ancient One and his disciple Dr. Strange brought the powerful monster Zom, who scared Umar away to her own Dark Dimension. Zom then turned against the Ancient One and Dr. Strange,[2] and the Ancient One willingly surrendered his power, melting with the local menhirs, to give Strange a chance to win the fight. By cutting off Zom's mystic topknot, per the Ancient One's counsel, Strange attracted the attention of the Living Tribunal, who banished Zom[3] and in turn sentenced Earth to destruction, to prevent an evil wizardy plague from expanding. Strange demonstrated his skill and convinced the Tribunal to give him a chance to solve the situation. The Tribunal laid the huge Glass of Doom in Stonehenge, and both him and Strange left.[4] Once the Tribunal was satisfied with Strange's resolution of the events, the Ancient One reappeared, explaining that he had willingly accepted that prison to increase Strange's power so that Strange could defeat Zom, and that he could shatter his own binding spell once the cosmic balance had been restored.[5]

Ard-Con later freed from his imprisonment and rampaged through England to use Stonehenge and depart Earth.[1]

As ordered by his ancestor, the Black Knight came to Stonehenge in order to destroy his ebony blade through magical means. Here, he was confronted by an old woman who suddenly transported him to Polemachus to find an enchanted well to destroy his sword.[6] The Black Knight and Aragorn reappeared by the end of the night and returned to Garrett Castle.[7]

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