Storefront Clinic is a free clinic set up in the Times Square region of Manhattan, New York City. It was set up by Dr. Noah Burstein and was assisted by Dr. Claire Temple.


Claire first encountered Luke Cage the Heroes for Hire when he was attacked by hitmen hired by Diamondback. Claire Temple, a local nurse who was shocked to find that wasn't injured by the attack, but insisted on having her colleague look at his bruises. They arrive at the clinic where Claire works to find that it's been worked over and the resident doctor, Dr. Burstein who was the man responsible for Luke getting his powers Dr. Burstein had attacked by the syndicate looking to convince them into paying a protection fee. Claire suggested that they take up Luke's services. Claire was kidnapped by Diamondback and Dr. Burstein called Luke for help. Calire is freed and goes for help while Cage battled his old friend. Claire returned with the police.[1]

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