When the Magus, the dark personality of Adam Warlock, sought to conquer the universe, he first paid a visit to Anthropomorpho in the Dimension of Manifestation to create dopplegangers of every super-hero on Earth. [1] One of these dopplegangers was based off the X-Man known as Storm. [2] This doppleganger joined a group of evil X-Men duplicates to attack the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four in New York City. When the Torch incinerated the doppleganger along with its comrades. [3]

A second Storm doppleganger was seen among a horde of evil duplicates that were unleashed upon the heroes who banned together to destroy the Magus. [4][5][6] Ultimately it was destroyed along with all the other doppelgangers when the Magus was finally defeated by Adam Warlock. [7]


Seemingly those of Storm.

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