The Almighty Storm, Skybreaker and All-Mother is chief among the Gods and wife to Thor. Generally benevolent, Storm began a drought after falling under the mental control of Xavier.

After being freed by the X-Men, she offered them all the gift of immortality. Only Emmeline Frost-Summers accepted, and was made an immortal God with a diamond body.[1]


  • Seemingly the powers of her otherdimensional counterparts and the added immortality and powers of a God, including:
    • Immortality: Storm stated on many occurrences that she was immortal.[2]
    • God-Power Bestowal: She proved herself able to empower other beings with the powers of gods, allegedly making them "Immortal and all-powerful. Freed forever of the pain, doubt, and agony of mortal life". Among those, she turned Emmeline Frost into a diamond form.[2]

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