Quote1.png I have tried being her leader. I have tried being her friend. It never holds for long. In my opinion, being Callisto's nightmare might work best in the long-term. Her new scars should aid her memory, this time. Quote2.png
-- Storm

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Synopsis for "She Will Destroy You"

continued from the events of storm #3. Storm has Mikhail Rasputin by the throat with a dagger. Callisto has a bomb in her hand ready to activate or deactivate it depending on what storm does. Storm tells Mikhail to extend the gate so that all gene nation morlocks can escape. Mikhail does so transporting the gene nation to what is known to them as the old morlock tunnels.

Meanwhile Cable is in the old tunnels searching for storm, he comes to the cathedral and finds morlocks, storm, Mikhail and callisto enter through the portal. One of the gene nation attempts to kill everyone. Storm and cable meet storm tells him what the situation is. Cable telepathically grabs the bomb from the mutants hand and storm uses her wind powers to fly the bomb into the fresh outside air where it explodes harming no one. Cable punches Rasputin. While callisto claims the morlocks that have survived are hers to control aiming her gun at storm. Storm blasts the gun with lightning causing it to explode telling callisto she has crossed the line and that she is finished. Saying a mutual relationship cannot be formed between her and Callisto. Cable messages Jean grey at the mansion telling her storm is alive. Storm, Cable and the morlocks watch as Mikhail vanishes through the gate.Callisto escaping encounters marrow who is revealed to have grown another heart and survived. Storm tells the morlocks that the will to find a home in her African village where she once lived.

The next day after everything has been resolved Storm shows Cyclops, Jean and Cable her new hair style.


  • Cover art by Dodson and Story per signatures on original art.[1]

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