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Quote1.png When I was just a girl, I called myself goddess... and I lived in the sky. Sometimes I wonder why I ever left. I'm a mutant with the power to control the weather. Here's where I belong... every nerve connected with the wind, the clouds, the vapor. Quote2.png
-- Storm (Ororo Munroe)

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Thief. Goddess. Headmistress. Queen. The X-Man called STORM has always defied a single title. And her desire to better the world has never been limited to only her own kind. On a mission to foster goodwill and safeguard the mutant race's continues existence in her own way, Storm will travel the globe, confronting man and mutant, god and monster and everything in between. She will overthrow tyrants, quell tsunamis and strive to see her dream for the world realized. She is STORM, a hero like no other....and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake.

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