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Quote1.png And there you go again. Telling those pretty stories. You fly around the world, reaching out to everyone. Fellowship. Sacrifice. Redemption. There's a place for everyone in your great heart, isn't there? But when I showed you my true heart... You just let me die... And you never thought of me again... Until I appeared to you in this sad, sweet form. But I'm much more than that, Professor Munroe. Just like every child you think You're saving. So many flaws. So many horror. So now it's my turn to tell stories, professor. The true stories. Life a horror show. And the monsters win. Quote2.png
Kenji Uedo

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• Storm has been traveling the globe, bettering the world for man and mutant alike…

• But what happens when a familiar figure whom she failed in the past returns, seeking recompense?

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