Quote1.png I am oathbrother to Thor, the God of Thunder! I carry Stormbreaker, a weapon of great power, blessed by Odin, the All-Father! Quote2.png
-- Beta Ray Bill

Appearing in "The Crumbs of Galactus"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Ven
  • Sala


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Crumbs of Galactus"

Bill floats among the debris, as Galactus continues to consume New Korbin. Stardust goes off to destroy the remaining defenders, his zeal as herald is boundless. Stardust comes across the form of Alpha Ray, and takes it back to his master. Bill awakes to a signal and flies off in search of it and comes across Skuttlebutt. Bill boards her and is told of the Meta-Orb, and the new flight of his people. Stardust delivers the body of Alpha Ray to Galactus and Galactus tells him that this being fought against the one that damaged his helmet. Stardust flies off in a rage to kill Bill. Meanwhile, Skuttlebutt tells Bill about the development of the Meta-Orb and the tale of Sala and Ven. After the tale, Bill is alerted to the presence of Stardust, now holding the Meta-Orb. Bill flies out to challenge him, just as Stardust begins to pour energy into the Meta-Orb.

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