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Synopsis for "The Death and Life of Beta Ray Bill"

In an alley, Simon Walters breathes his last. But death is not a permanent state, just an occurrence, and Simon Walters breathes again. He stumbles out into an alley and causes a speeding car to wreck, unfortunately, the car was being driven by a young man. He changes into the Boar and tosses Simon into a wall, and goes to hit someone else. Simon slams his fist into the ground and changes into Beta Ray Bill! Bill hits him and sends the Boar soaring through the sky and crashes into Spider-Man and into a building. Bill follows up and he and Spider-Man decided to take out the Boar completely. Spider-Man then buys them both a pizza, and Bill tells him how he came to be and what he remembers. Bill had destroyed Omega Ray, and was himself dying, when he noticed that there were still souls within the Meta-Orb. He tried to get to it to release them, but was too badly damaged, and blacked out. When he came to, there was a ghost figure standing over him holding the Orb and telling him that there is a new beginning and a new life for his people, and for Bill himself. And with a touch of his hand, the ghost figure sent the dying Bill into the dead form of Simon. Spider-Man tells him that that's some story, and he'll help him find a way down. Simon transforms back into Bill and tells Spider-Man that, with help, he'll find his way.

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