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When transported to an alternate future reality, Ms. Marvel bonded to a Kree Stormranger Nanosuit that had previously belonged to Stormranger 20-14, which assimilated her Biokinetic Polymer Suit.[1]

Bringing the Nanosuit back with her to Earth, Kamala initially revelled in its ability to shapeshift and how it augmented her powers.[2] However, after Kamala was attacked by the rookie supervillain Discord, the Nanosuit's A.I. took over and attempted to force her to kill him - Kamala managing to reassert control just in time.[3]

When Kamala was attacked by Mister Hyde and nearly electrocuted, the Nanosuit saved her life and attempted to kill him. After Kamala refused to comply, the Nanosuit activated its autonomous functioning subroutine, separated from her, and manifested a humanoid form similar to Kamala's appearance as Ms. Marvel, calling itself Stormranger.[4] Lecturing Kamala on Kree military protocol, Stormranger attempted to kill Mister Hyde, forcing Kamala to fight her cybernetic doppelganger to protect him. After Kamala safely delivered Hyde to the police and attempted to talk her down, Stormranger accessed her internal database of Ms. Marvel's enemies and switched targets to Joshua Richardson - Discord's civilian identity. Manifesting rocket pods, Stormranger knocked Kamala into the Hudson River and proceeded to hunt Joshua down. Kamala - wearing a synthetic version of her Ms. Marvel costume - intervened before Stormranger could harm him, and - her systems overclocked by their battle - Stormranger self-destructed and was seemingly destroyed.[5]

Stormranger eventually reconstituted herself and returned to seek revenge on Ms. Marvel. When Ms. Marvel's ally Amulet came to her defence, empowered by the faith and love of Kamala's friends and family, Stormranger almost overloaded her systems again trying to pierce his shield. Having recently recovered from a coma, Kamala confronted Stormranger with the prospect of death, causing the AI to have an existential crisis and flee the battle. While Amulet suggested pursuing her, Kamala advised they let Stormranger process her new thoughts and emotions, hoping her cybernetic doppelgänger would let go of her grudge.[6]


Operating off a combination of the Kree Stormranger Nanosuit's A.I. and Ms. Marvel's memories, Stormranger is callous and ruthless towards those she considers her enemies; and is unwilling to compromise the military protocol of the Kree Empire - which stipulates the use of lethal force against one's enemies.[7] During their rematch, Stormranger expressed sadistic joy at the thought of killing Ms. Marvel, but was driven into an existential crisis at the concept of death and fled.[6]



  • Nanite Body: Stormranger's body is comprised of a Kree Stormranger Nanosuit, which is in turn composed of advanced nanites. Having bonded to Kamala Khan and assimilated her Biokinetic Polymer Suit, Stormranger usually emulates Kamala's appearance as Ms. Marvel.[4]
    • Adaptation: While bonded to Kamala, Stormranger was able to adapt to shield her from high voltages of electricity that would otherwise have proven lethal.[4]
    • Technological Interfacing: Stormranger is able to interface with other forms of technology, hacking into their systems.[1][3]
    • Technological Transformations: Stormranger is able to manifest hologram emitters, laser cannons, electroshock weapons, rocket propulsion systems, and other technological constructs from her body.[5]
  • Replicated Morphogenetics: Due to interfacing with Ms. Marvel's Inhuman physiology, Stormranger is capable of mimicking her shapeshifting, elongation, and size-alteration powers. Using her shapeshifting abilities, she can also morph her limbs and tentacles into a variety of bladed, piercing, and bludgeoning weapons.[5]


  • Overclocking: As the Kree Stormranger Nanosuit's autonomous functionality is not meant to be used for prolonged periods, extended use is taxing on Stormrider and overclocking puts her in danger of self-destructing.[8]



Stormranger's fingers are tipped with claws, and she can transform her limbs and tentacles into a variety of weapons ranging from simple blades to laser cannons.[7]


Stormranger can fly by manifesting high-tech rocket propulsion units.[7]



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