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Sentient homonculi created using old M.O.D.O.C (Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing) creationist technological procedures working in conjunction with Project: Storyteller.[1] A splinter faction of A.I.M. chartered by Reginald Fisher headed up the Storyteller 2.0 program, seeking to branch out into stock markets and money management due to his faction having acted as the Organization's accountants.

By feeding them intel on whatever it is their firms top brass want to make reality, the mini M.O.D.O.C.s can rewrite reality around them in order to make it happen.

What their creators didn't realize was that the new Storyteller's were more cognizant than the beekeepers gave them credit for. As the Storytellers had been secretly sending out distress beacons to the late Ms. Marvel in hopes of finding freedom, much like their elder brother Gavin had thanks to the heroine. But instead they got a pretender to her title whom just so happened to be storming their A.I.M. base at the time.[2]

They even attempted revitalizing the real Ms. Marvel hoping she could be their rescuer. But The resurrection process was flawed; scores of Baby M.O.D.O.C.s ended up creating several energy duplicates carrying a portion of Ms. Marvel's core anima by mistake.

The energized doppelgangers they created instead reached out to some old Avengers colleagues in order to help rescue them instead. But Moonstone (then posing as Ms. Marvel) would not give them up without a fight, matters seemed to escalate with inclusion of Monica's A.I.M faction taking an interest in the project's contents. When they enlisted the super mercenary Deadpool's services in order to recover them for personal interests.[3]



Advanced Life Support System
Hive Brain Networking


Storyteller infants can imagine anything they envision into reality similar to their precursor Gavin.

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