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Stote was a Zn'rx traditionalist who rose to power following the Hyinar usurpation, which derailed recent attempts at modernizing the succession process.[2] Becoming reigning emperor of the Zn'rx,[3] Stote reverted many of the reforms implemented during the Bhadsha era.[2] Stote sired five heirs: Kuga, his eldest daughter and a radical modernist, Dhagyar, a radical traditionalist, Wezel, a traditionalist, and Khondor and Lyga, his youngest heirs and both moderate reformists.[2]

Following the merger of the Kree Imperium and of the Skrull Empire, diplomatic negotiations were held at the Proscenium to review galactic treaties, and Stote attended as a representative of the Zn'rx Empire.[3] While at the restroom, Stote was murdered by Sisterhood of Badoon ambassador Lani Ko Ako, who was in reality the Elder of the Universe named as the Profiteer. She intended to spark a Zn'rx war of succession known as a Snarkwar and profit off it through the weapons market. As soon as Stote was murdered, his heirs were telepathically driven to claim the vacated alpha position.[1]

Stote's body was found by Utopian Kree representative Marvel Boy, and with his final breathes, Stote attempted but failed to tell him the identity of his assailant. Alliance diplomat Val-Lorr stumbled into the scene and assumed Marvel Boy was the killer. He drew his weapon to shoot Marvel Boy, but was killed instead due to a failsafe that activated since he was pointing the gun at a fellow Kree.[3] The murders were subsequently investigated and solved by Rocket Raccoon.[1]



Stote was a Zn'rx, weaponized with various artificial abilities, effectively making him a cyborg.[3]

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