The Sorceress Supreme of Earth is a young woman who calls herself "Strange". When she was younger, Strange idolized her older brother Vincent and his girlfriend, Chimera. Already training in the mystical arts, Strange tagged along on one of her brother's "milk runs" and jumped in to defend him against the Skulls. Strange thought to scare aware their attackers with an illusion of a Lovecraftian monster, but accidentally summoned the real thing, who apparently killed her brother.[1]

Strange underwent further training with her magic, but somehow became the host to a demon of unknown classification. At the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico, she teamed up with Spider-Man when a devoted brother accidentally raised a zombie army while trying to resurrect his sister.[2]

As the tides began to rise around the globe, Strange met up with a time-travelling version of Doctor Stephen Strange. He sent her on a quest to Halo City, where she learned her old friend Chimera had been killed by the mutant Exodus. Strange joined forces with X-Nation while fighting Exodus.[3][4]

Strange wound up in the Savage Land with many of the refugees from Earth's flooding. Brazen use of her powers accidentally unleashed the spirit of Garokk, the Petrified Man from within the Savage Land's crust. Garokk manipulated Strange into exhausting her power again his stone avatars, and then claimed her magic for himself. When last seen, Strange was a prisoner of Garokk, transformed into a Petrified state while Garokk regained his own flesh-and-blood body thanks to her magics.[5]

Strange apparently recovered at some point, and was seen with Captain America and Miguel O'Hara's Avengers as they confronted the interdict barrier around Earth's solar system at the end of 2099.[6]


  • Sorceress Supreme: As a natural adept with moderate training in the mystical arts, Strange can perform a number of spells including:
    • Healing
    • Levitation
    • Force Blasting
    • Teleportation
    • Psychometry
    • Illusions
    • Sleep Spells

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