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Quote1.png We're a Downtown group. We always have been. Alchemax is purely interested in uptown activities. And our headquarters is in the heart of Downtown. It's where we're needed. We cannot relocate here. So thanks, but it's not happening. Quote2.png


Strange seemingly had the same history as her Earth-928 counterpart. She would go on to join the vigilante group known as the Defenders.[1]


When her teammate Hulk got into a battle with the Avengers, Strange and Silver Surfer appeared as backup.[1]

After their third wave, Sub-Mariner and Valkyrie, captured both teams' intended target, Martin Hargood, they settled their differences and brought Harggod to Alchemax Tower to be interrogated. There she became distrusting of Alchemax CEO Miguel Stone and declined his offer to join Alchemax. Since superheroes independent of Alchemax was illegal, Stone declared the Defenders criminals.[2]

Meanwhile, Hargood had escaped from confinement and had summoned the Dweller-in-Darkness. Miguel called them, allowing them to intervene without being arrested. Strange was among the attackers of Hargood, watching as Captain America defeated Hargood and herself sending the Dweller back where it came from. Later, she was present when Miguel undeclared the Defenders outlaws.[3]

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Seemingly those of the Strange of Earth-928.

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