Appearing in "Closed In"

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Synopsis for "Closed In"

A man and his wife dissatisfied with life on an overcrowded Earth are gladdened to learn they have been chosen as part of the first colonization rocketship.

Appearing in "The Delivery Box"

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Martian ambassador (Dream)

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Synopsis for "The Delivery Box"

A strange package is left at a man's door and it turns out to be the ship of an alien ambassador on his way to Mars. He helps the ambassador on his way, but then wakes up from the dream.

Appearing in "Old John's Secret"

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Synopsis for "Old John's Secret"

Old John is an accident prone employee in a metal shop who works a riveting machine. Time traveling mutants from the future with plans of conquest visit him after closing time to repair a piece of their craft. John is afraid of losing his job if he turns them away so he attempts to rivet the plates but they don't set right. The mutants are on a time table so John is paid and they rush away to blast off. The time ship breaks up and everyone is saved from their threat but John considers himself a failure.

Appearing in "The House That Wasn't"

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Synopsis for "The House That Wasn't"

Dan squabbles with his wife and thinks to himself that it would be nice if she were more accommodating. He returns from work and sees two identical houses both with an Alice in them. He enters the one on the right and finds this version of Alice does everything he wants. Dan grows tired of having a wife with no will of her own and leaves the house only to discover that there now is only one house. When he returns Alice is back to her old self.

Appearing in "Turnabout"

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Synopsis for "Turnabout"

Emma wears a dress that she has kept in storage from 1910 and finds herself and her husband Lou transported forty-five years into the past. The two stroll around town enjoying themselves but then think they ought to return to their attic and don their fifties clothes so as to return to their proper time. When Emma and Lou return to the attic they can't find their fifties clothes because another couple has tried them on and found themselves in 1955.

Appearing in "The Eyes!"

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Synopsis for "The Eyes!"

Barney robs a store and his guilty conscience makes the eyes of Christmas parade balloons upset him enough to confess his crime to police.

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