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Quote1.png The Torch is the only living human who ever defeated me, and he shall pay for it! I won't rest until I've destroyed him! Quote2.png
The Wizard

Appearing in "The Return of the Wizard!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Police Officers
    • Smithy
    • Joe


Synopsis for "The Return of the Wizard!"

In prison, the The Wizard is allowed to work in the prison hospital due to his good behavior. However this plays into the Wizard's plan as he collects a series of chemicals that allow him to melt a hole in his jail cell and escape from prison.

When he hears news of the Wizard's escape, Johnny wants to go after him but his sister Sue won't let him. Johnny creates a duplicate Torch out of flame to trick his sister while he goes after his old foe. Johnny is able to easily fight off the Wizard's weapons. Realizing what Johnny has done, Sue goes after him and ends up getting captured by the Wizard, and Johnny is also captured shortly after.

The two work together and free themselves from the Wizard's trap and capture him, and take him back into custody. Later Sue scolds Johnny for going off on his own.

Appearing in "Discovery"

Featured Characters:

  • Chauncey
  • attendant
  • Muscles Magee
  • Zeke
  • Magee's manager


  • Gas station
  • The Hotchkiss Fair


  • Irmegarde

Synopsis for "Discovery"

Text story

Appearing in "Man Alone!"

Featured Characters:

  • The Shrouded Figure
  • The Tormented Dreamer (Robinson Crusoe)
  • Assorted People

Synopsis for "Man Alone!"

A man has a recurring dream of him being in solitary confinement in prison, so flees to be a sailor so he can never commit a crime. On the journey he is knocked over board and left isolated on an island where it is revealed the man is Robinson Crusoe

Appearing in "The Supernatural!"

Featured Characters:

  • Man
  • Woman
  • Girl
  • Father

Synopsis for "The Supernatural!"

A girl playing with the dolls in her doll house is the subject of a bit of verbal misdirection for the reader thanks to Stan and Steve.


Continuity Notes

The Return of the Wizard!

  • This issue dispenses of the false pretense that Johnny maintains a secret identity, which was a plot device between Strange Tales #101103.

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