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-- Thing

Appearing in "The Sorcerer and Pandora's Box"

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Synopsis for "The Sorcerer and Pandora's Box"

Growing bored and restless during a meeting with the other Fantastic Four members, Reed allows Johnny to leave early. After stopping a fire, he flies past an old eccentric's home where the owner is chasing teens off his property with dogs. Going to check things out, he meets the man the townspeople call "The Sorcerer", realizing that the old man is a collector of old mystical items. When the Sorcerer wants to be left alone, the Torch is more than happy to help the curmudgeonly old man by surrounding his home with a wall of flame; however, the Sorcerer is even more furious and Johnny takes it down.

After the Torch departs, the Sorcerer opens his recent acquisition: Pandora's Box. With the box he is able to summon evils that represent different aspects and elements and use them to try and rob a bank. When the Torch tries to stop him the Sorcerer summons a water demon to douse the Torch's flames. Gloating, the Sorcerer gives Johnny his choice of death out of Pandora's Box, Johnny chooses flame. This works against the Sorcerer because Johnny absorbs the fire and uses his flame powers to get hold of the box.

In doing so, the Sorcerer is exposed to his next chosen attack on the Torch, a fear demon, which strikes the Sorcerer and puts him in a catatonic state. Johnny turns him over to the police and then tosses the Box into the ocean, and returns to his comrades and is less than modest about what he did that day.

Appearing in "Earth is Off Limits"

Featured Characters:

  • Space Exploration Group
  • Earth control
  • Death (Vision)


Synopsis for "Earth is Off Limits"

Space explorers discover life on a far off planet, but mission control panics at the thought of alien germs loose on Earth and so forbids on pain of death that the crew of the rocket ship return. The crew asks for a chance to explain, but mission control breaks the communication as they cannot bear to listen to their pleas. What the space explorers were trying to say before their communication line was broken was that the life on the planet grants disease immunity and long life span.

Appearing in "Time Was..."

Featured Characters:

  • Eric Kane

Supporting Characters:


  • Time machine
  • Gun

Synopsis for "Time Was..."

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Comic"

Featured Characters:

  • Stan Wepp / George Pegg

Supporting Characters:

  • The Producer-Director

Other characters:

  • Gloria
  • Joe
  • Producer's assistant


  • Broadway
  • Theaters in Oregon, Washington, Utah and the Southwest

Synopsis for "The Comic"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


Continuity Notes

The Sorcerer and Pandora's Box

  • The woman who appears here as Circe is actually the Eternal known as Sersi, she made this admission herself in Eternals #3.
  • Although Johnny claims to weld Pandora's box shut and dump it in the middle of the ocean, it resurfaces again in Chamber of Darkness #3.
  • This may not be the original or the only "Pandora's Box" in existence as seen in Incredible Hulks #626-629. An official explanation is as yet unrevealed.

Publication Notes

  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

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