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Quote1.png Be silent! Your cowardly sniveling does not become you! Stand aside while I save your undeserving life! Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "3 Against The Torch!"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Terrible Trio's trailer
  • Johnny Storm's modified Sting-Ray

Synopsis for "3 Against The Torch!"

Following Doctor Doom's last defeat, the Terrible Trio decide that it's best to defeat the Fantastic Four for their master before his return. The group decides to take out each member of the FF one by one, starting with the Human Torch. Tricking the Torch into thinking he's going to be interviewed by an automobile magazine, he is instead attacked by the Trio and left bound up in a fire-proof trailer. Using his flame powers to generate smoke to bring firemen, the Torch is freed from his trap.

Drying himself off, the Torch goes after the Trio who are preparing to defeat their next target: Susan Storm. However, this time the Torch defeats them and turn them over to the authorities. When Susan gets home, she is not impressed with the mess that Johnny made of the place.

Appearing in "The World Beyond"

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Synopsis for "The World Beyond"

Falling asleep while studying mystic tomes, Doctor Strange becomes the target of Nightmare once more. Battling the creature in his realm, Strange is quickly defeated and finds himself bound in mystical bonds that prevent him from using his magic powers. However, Strange tricks Nightmare by hypnotizing him into seeing his most feared foe: The Gulgol.

Scared of his enemy, Nightmare agrees to free Strange to defeat the Gulgol, after which Strange reverses his hypnosis and tells Nightmare of his ruse. Using his magic powers to keep Nightmare at bay, Strange retreats to his own body, satisfied that Nightmare has been defeated once more.

Appearing in "Strange Mission"

Featured Characters:

  • Alfred Pook

Other Characters:

  • Harold
  • Doctor Smith

Synopsis for "Strange Mission"

A one-page text piece (continued next issue...)


Continuity Notes

3 Against the Torch!

  • The recap in this story retells the events of Fantastic Four #23, although it's erroneously referred to as Vol 1 22 on the splash page.

The World Beyond

Publication Notes

  • As seen on page one, Story One is Story #X-703. Story II (as seen on its first page) is Story #X-696.


  • Despite the proclamation on the cover, Doctor Doom does appear briefly in a recap.

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