Quote1 You are the second mortal to stand before me! The first was he whom you serve... known to you as the Ancient One! It was to him I gave the magic amulet, and the power it contains! Quote2
-- Eternity

Appearing in "Sometimes the Good Guys Lose!"

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Synopsis for "Sometimes the Good Guys Lose!"

Unable to stop the launching of the Betatron bomb in time, Fury returns to SHIELD where he discusses options with Tony Stark. HYDRA agents are able to infiltrate the building and they kidnap Fury in front of a helpless Stark (who forgot to bring his attache case containing his Iron Man suit). Fury is brought face-to-face with Imperial Hydra ... To be continued.

Appearing in "If Eternity Should Fail!"

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Synopsis for "If Eternity Should Fail!"

Traveling to Eternity's realm, Doctor Strange comes face to face with the living embodiment of Eternity. Strange asks the being to grant him with the power to defeat Dormammu and save his master, however after much consideration Eternity decrees that Strange needs no additional power, as he has the means to defeat Dormammu on his own.

Traveling back to Earth's dimension, Doctor Strange learns that Baron Mordo had kidnapped the unconscious body of the Ancient One and transported him to the Dark Dimension and is now being held hostage along with Clea. Strange is then told to duel Mordo for their freedom.


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