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Quote1.png Herman Hooper was small and ugly!! But he was also the most dangerous man on Earth... Quote2.png
—From the splash page of "Horrible Herman"

Appearing in "Horrible Herman"

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Synopsis for "Horrible Herman"

Herman Hooper, a brilliant scientist with a hideous and apelike face, falls in love with a beautiful waitress, but she rejects him because of his ugliness. Infuriated, he kills her and returns to his lab. Determined to make the whole world pay for rejecting him, he builds both a rocket ship and an atomic bomb. He plans to blow up the entire planet and escape into outer space as the only human left alive. However, when he launches the ship into the stratosphere and drops the bomb from it, it simply remains still in space. Herman realizes that it can't fall down to Earth because it's outside of the range of the planet's gravity. It can't explode unless it hits something, and the only thing which it can hit is Herman's own ship! The explosion of the ship creates a white light in the sky, and people all over the world see it and comment on how beautiful it is.

Appearing in "The Grinning Skulls!"

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Synopsis for "The Grinning Skulls!"

When a man attempts to steal skulls from a totem pole, his head becomes the latest addition to the top of the pole.

Appearing in "The Experiment!"

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Synopsis for "The Experiment!"

A scientist creates a process that he thinks will evolve a gorilla into a human being but it turns out to transpose their minds into each other's bodies.

Appearing in "The Golden Coffin"

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  • A greedy man

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Synopsis for "The Golden Coffin"

A man summons the ghost of King Midas and demands his power to turn objects to gold. He thinks that he will be more clever than Midas and just get the power in his right hand so that he can eat with his left, but he gets in a vehicle accident and they amputate his left hand.

Appearing in "The Man Who Talked To Ghosts!"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Talked To Ghosts!"

When a woman murders her husband for his money he returns as a ghost.


  • "Horrible Herman" was rewritten as "The Man Who Blew Up the Earth" in Tales to Astonish #29 with art by Jack Kirby.

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