Quote1 What a team we shall make! With my brain, there can be no secrets from me! I can see everything... learn anything! Even SHIELD will be helpless to cope with me! And the Fixer shall fashion me weapons... weapons such as the world has never dreamed of! Together, we can rule mankind! Quote2
-- Mentallo

Appearing in "Operation: Brain Blast!"

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Synopsis for "Operation: Brain Blast!"

As the HYDRA Agents are being rounded up by SHIELD, Fury, Agent G, Dum-Dum and Jones break through the steel door that lead to the building above. Meanwhile, Imperial Hydra (who was revealed to be Arnold Brown last issue) hesitates with his finger over a destruct button, thinking that his daughter will be killed in the blast. Two HYDRA agents, in their haste to escape, shoot and kill Brown despite his claims that he is their leader. The others dash in and Agent G grieves over her father's body. With some urging from Fury, she 'escapes' and he returns to SHIELD.

Once there, he unwittingly is part of an experiment conducted by the newly-created ESP division of SHIELD. Thousands of miles away, a former agent of SHIELD is woken as he senses the telepathic minds behind "Operation Brain Blast". The man uses his mind to locate a prisoner, called the Fixer, who is using his talents to break out of jail. The man realizes that if they worked together as a team, they'd be able to rule the world.

Back at SHIELD, it is explained that Operation Brain Blast is trying to find a defence against mind readers and Fury is told about the ex-SHIELD agent and the power he has.

To be continued next issue.

Appearing in "Let There be Victory!"

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Synopsis for "Let There be Victory!"

Furious that Mordo would interfere in an honor battle against Doctor Strange, Dormammu banishes his minion. Recovering, Doctor Strange then resumes his combat against Dormammu, a fight that Doctor Strange wins. After his defeat, Doctor Strange forces Dormammu to vow never to turn his power against the Earth, a vow that Dormammu begrudgingly accepts.

Returning to the Ancient One's cave on Earth, Doctor Strange and the Ancient One are contacted by Dormammu who forces them to watch helplessly as Dormammu banishes Clea to another dimension. Although Strange wishes to save the girl right away, the Ancient One turns his attention to more Earthly matters, namely those tainted by Mordo's black magic, and sends him back to his Sanctum to prepare for the coming battles.

Before Doctor Strange can arrive however, minions of Baron Mordo have broken into the Sanctum, and have planted an explosive within Strange's home, hoping that the non-mystical device will destroy their foe.

This story is continued next issue...


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