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Quote1.png I do not claim to be a brave man -- merely a successful one! Quote2.png
Mister Rasputin

Appearing in "Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:



  • Life-Model Decoy
  • Egg of Satan
  • Truth-gas cage
  • Infra-red blaster
  • Druid's light-absorber
  • Sensi-gas
  • Assorted bombs, grenades and heavy weaponry


  • The mine-thrower vehicle
  • Tanks

Synopsis for "Lo! The Eggs Shall Hatch!"

S.H.I.E.L.D. sends out a squad of Fury LMDs in hope they can be used to track down who's trying to kill Fury. Dugan can't understand why Fury wants to work with Sitwell, then badgers Jasper until Fury compares them to Laurel & Hardy. Fury also wonders when Gabe will return from his vacation. The Druid's eggs have been destroying LMDs, but he decides to draw Fury out into the open, as once Fury's dead, his "cult" can spread across America. Fury questions The Fixer about the eggs, and a miniature brain found on him. The Fixer seems sure the eggs are not connected with "THEM," and also says he was captured before "THEM" could give him his final orders. S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at the site of an exploded egg, which turns out to be a trap. Fury takes on The Druid one-on-one, worried that his men will be targeted if he fails. Sitwell manages to drive a fleet of armored eggs from hiding, and all hell breaks loose. The Druid brags that his main HQ has not been found, and Sitwell offers to uncover The Druid's true identity. Fury finds himself wondering just how ambitious Sitwell is, and how he'd feel if they tried replacing him with a younger man.

Appearing in "To Catch a Magician!"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:



Synopsis for "To Catch a Magician!"

A new criminal named Mr. Rasputin, a descendant of Grigori Rasputin has appeared on the criminal scene, using his mystical powers for his own personal gains. One night Doctor Strange detects an evil menace, and thinking it's his old foe Baron Mordo, tracks it to the home of Mr. Rasputin. The two mystics then battle, however Strange is still weak from his battle against Tazza, and when Rasputin has him on the defensive. Rasputin then pulls out a gun and shoots Doctor Strange.

Escaping and seeking treatment in the hospital, Doctor Strange sends out his astral form to attack Rasputin, unaware that Rasputin had hired a gunman to kill Doctor Strange in the hospital. Battling Rasputin, the villain tries to banish Strange to another dimension, however using his mental control over the Cloak of Levitation and the Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange is able to knock his foe unconscious and bring him back to the hospital. There Strange arrives just in time to stop the gunman as well. He then hypnotizes them into confessing their crimes and erases Rasputin's mystic knowledge.


The story of THEM and the miniature brain continues in Tales of Suspense Vol 1 78. Nick Fury appears in that issue as well.

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