Quote1.png Pay attention, Mister! While Fury puts the finishin' touches on these chorus boys! Quote2.png
-- Nick Fury

Appearing in "And the Dragon Cried... Death!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Chracters:


Other Characters:

  • Previous Appearance of Suwan Suwan Next Appearance of Suwan (Robot)
  • U.N.I.T.'s Spy School (Mentioned)
  • Po Chin Ling (impersonated by Nick Fury)
  • Voss (only appearance; dies)
  • Klay (only appearance; dies)
  • Tombe (only appearance; dies)


Synopsis for "And the Dragon Cried... Death!"

As Fury escapes the monster octopus, The Yellow Claw uses a "Psionic-Revelation Eavesdropper" to spy on A.I.M. Suwan, torn by her conscience, realizes she must contact Jimmy Woo. Woo contacts Fury to pass on the info that the Claw plans to steal something called "The Ultimate Annihilator" from A.I.M. Val recommends Fury take one of her fellow Spy School graduates, and introduces him to Clay Quartermain, a smiling eager-beaver almost too sure of himself. Fury & Quartermain take on a squad of A.I.M. agents on the waterfront, and retrieve an ornate dragon statue. Tests reveal nothing, and then the Claw materializes to steal it! But it was only a duplicate-- and by accident, they learn the real Dragon speaks the names of 4 scientists when struck. Fury arrives too late to save the first 3, but impersonates the 4th, getting the drop on The Claw. But under hypnotic power, Fury collapses, and the Claw uses the Ultimate Annihilator on him.

Appearing in "Three Faces of Doom!"

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Synopsis for "Three Faces of Doom!"

The Living Tribunal, learning the excess evil mystical energy has been absorbed into the staff of Nebulos, the Tribunal seeks to destroy, however needing the staff for it's own purposes Nebulos refuses to give it up. As the two beings battle it out, Doctor Strange tries to stop them from destorying each other fearing that Nebulos' destruction would lead to never knowing where Nebulos sent Victoria Bentley.

Temporarily taken out of battle the Tribunal, Doctor Strange fights off the pain causing creature the Tribunal created to keep Strange at bay. Strange then grabs the staff from Nebulos just as the Tribunal had successfully burried the creature in falling rock from a destroyed mountain. Strange hands over the staff to the Tribunal, who in thanks transports Strange to the location of Victoria Bentley.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Strange Mails". Letters are published from: Steven DeForrest, Michael Pagano, and George John.

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