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Quote1.png ...There is one more thing we can do-- but it will cost you most dearly! --Perhaps it will cost you your soul! Quote2.png
Papa Jambo

Appearing in ""Baptism of Fire""

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Council of Vaudou
    • Damballah (Main story and recap)
    • Fong Lee (Death)
    • Mama Legba
    • Numerous unnamed others

Other Characters:

  • Damballah (Mentioned)
  • Fong Lee's Father (Invoked)

Races and Species:



Synopsis for ""Baptism of Fire""

Continued from last issue... Finished his training, Jericho Drumm needs to pass one final test in order to take over the role of Brother Voodoo, a title held until then by his murdered brother Daniel. The final cerimony ends with Daniel's soul merged with Jericho's, as well as the mark of voodoo appearing on Jericho's forehead and a white streak appearing in his hair. With his purpose in life over, Papa Jambo passes away telling Jericho that he is now worthy of the title Brother Voodoo.

Jericho then goes after Damballah, who was responsible for murdering his brother. Damballah meanwhile has gathered the Council of the Vadaou, a group of international Voodoo practitioners to take control of the organization. However, Brother Voodoo arrives and challenges Damballah to a rematch.

During their fight, Brother Voodoo realizes that Damballah has control over snakes due to a mystical amulet that he has in his possession. Sending the soul of his brother Daniel into one of the Council members, he manages to remove the amulet from Damballah's grasp. With his control over the snakes gone, they turn on him, and he is killed. With the amulet in his possession, he's confronted by a man named Bambu who tells him that he is the faithful servant of whoever owns the amulet. Accepting the man as an aid, Brother Voodoo departs, telling his new servant that they have much work to do.


  • First and only appearance of Fong Lee and Mama Legba to date.
  • Final appearance of the false Damballah.
  • Final appearanec of Papa Jambo; dies in this issue.

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