Quote1.png The Golem's on his last legs -- And he's our only protection! If he falls -- WE DIE! Quote2.png
-- Wayne Logan

Appearing in "There Comes Now Raging Fire!"

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Synopsis for "There Comes Now Raging Fire!"

The story begins with a parable of Yiddish legend. The story is Rabbi who created a golem with the word "Emeth" on it's forehead (meaning truth) the creature would grow in stature and grow to a threatening side that the old sorcerer wished to destroy his creation. He would do so by rubbing out the "e" to make the word "Meth" (which means Death) the Golem would then crumble and crush it's creator to death. The story then continues from last issue...

Furious over the defeat of his air-demons, Kaballa decides to send two fire-demons out to destroy Golem. The creature along with Wayne Logan, Rebecca and Jason Adamson have returned to Florida with the statue where it is examined by Abraham Adamson's colleagues, Saudia Yamal and Professor Yeates. Yeates refuses to believe that the Golem is really alive, and decides to himself that discovery that the statue really is would jeopardize his bid for becoming chairman of the department over Saudia. Deciding to "accidentally" incinerate the statue with a blow torch, Yeates fails when suddenly the fire demons spring forth from the torch. The Golem springs to life and begins to fight these monsters.

Meanwhile, laughed at by his schoolmates who don't believe that he really was rescued by a living statue, Jason Abraham decides to go show them proof in his late grandfathers notes. As the battle rages on, the word "Emeth" appears on the Golem's brow, which gives him additional power and he manages to destroy the fire demons. Wonder what it all means, Kaballa realizes that the Golem must be drawing additional strength must have something to do with the Adamson clan, and decides to investigate further. In doing so, he learns about Jason's research into the Golem.

This story is continued in Marvel Two-In-One #11...

Appearing in "The Girl Behind the Glass!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #59.

Synopsis for "The Girl Behind the Glass!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Astonishing #59.


  • Cover art: pencils and inks by Brunner, colours by Wein.[1]
  • There Comes Now Raging Fire! art in story pages 1 & 2 by unknown artists, 3-14 by DeZuniga and Austin.
  • The Golem plot line was preempted by an Adam Warlock plot line, the Golem plot line was quickly wrapped up in the pages of Marvel Two-In-One.

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