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Quote1 I knew I had lost! I was about to die! It must have been that certainty of Death, this total surrendering to Fate that triggered what happened next! My Soul Gem suddenly came to life of its own volition! I could feel it surge to awareness, free of the Subconscious control I must have had over it all those Months! For the first Time, I felt that Gem's naked, evil Lust flow through me! I stood horrified as the Gem sprang to full life and its Beam flashed forth to engulf Autolycus! My Mind exploded at that Moment! Image upon Sensation upon Thought cascaded into my pitiful Brain! But these were not the random Hallucinations of Madness! No! No! No! This was Autolycus! This was his entire Life passing into my Mind's Eye! Before me lay his every Thought, Deed, Experience and Emotion! I then mercifully passed out! When Consciousness returned, a chill like Death lay upon me, for all was now clear - as clear as Autolycus's Body which sprawled before me no longer alive but neither truly dead! It's said that the Eyes are the Portals to the Soul! I gazed into Autolycus's unseeing Eyes. No Fear, Surprise, Anger, or any Emotion rested within them! Those Eyes will always haunt me, for within them lay nothing! Quote2
Adam Warlock

Appearing in "Death Ship!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Woman (Only in flashback)
  • Prisoners aboard the Great Divide
  • Grak (Only in flashback)
  • Bak (Only in flashback)

Races and Species:



  • Great Divide (Flagship of the Magus)

Synopsis for "Death Ship!"

Warlock is captured by Autolycus of the Black Knights an brought aboard Magus' Flagship. His fellow prisoners tell Warlock, that survivors of the Wars of the Church are taken as slave laborers, those who refuse will be terminated and their remains will be chemically broken down and valuable elements that can be retrieved will be used to further the cause of the Church. They also tell him, that Non-Humanoids are not considered fashioned in the Magus' image and thus must be disposed of, this also holds true for some Humanoid types - such as Trolls. Despite being ordered to capture Warlock unharmed, the Matriarch considers what would happen to the Magus, if something were to happen to Warlock. Autolycus is not pleased with the Matriarch's orders and shows a Code of Honor, he is however a soldier. Warlock refuses to lead the prisoners in their rebellion and tells a story of two Cavemen (Grak and Bak). Warlock singlehandedly fights off the Black Knights and then battles Autolycus, Warlock is more powerful but hesitates to finish Autolycus. Autolycus is ready to kill Warlock as the Soul Gem acts on its own and steals Autolycus' Soul rendering Warlock unconscious, Warlock considers, that the Gem will be responsible for his eventual transformation into the Magus. Warlock leaves the other prisoners after defeating Autolyus and is joined by Pip, for the first time Warlock tells somebody his story.


  • First Appearance of Pip the Troll and Autolycus.


  • The Comics Code Authority logo on the cover of this issue is replaced by one that says "Approved by the Cosmic Code Authority". Jim Starlin did this as a joke. [1]

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