Appearing in "The Poor Old Man"

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Synopsis for "The Poor Old Man"

An old man unintentionally summons a demon and the demon grants the man a boon. At first, he doesn't want to wish for anything because he knows that the demon will ask for his life or soul, but the demon promises not to. The man wishes for the love of a beautiful woman. He becomes chums with a Hollywood director and makes movie improvement suggestions. He becomes well off and attracts the attention of a beautiful actress. Despite his advanced years, she falls in love with him and accepts his marriage proposal. With the wedding impending, the demon appears once more before the man. The demon demands payment, but the man says that the demon agreed not to take his life or soul. The demon demands his wealth or the life of his fiance, and if he sacrifices his wealth, no one will remember him and he will return to being an unimportant old man. The man chooses to spare his fiance and he reverts back to the way he was before the demon first appeared.

Appearing in "The Cask In the Cave"

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Synopsis for "The Cask In the Cave"

similar story to EC's "Midnight Mess"

Appearing in "Progress!"

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Synopsis for "Progress!"

When a hermit refuses to vacate his property and plants mines to halt state bulldozers, they construct the highway with a tunnel going beneath his property. This causes his house to collapse and when he investigates, he's struck and killed by a car.

Appearing in "The Garden of Death!"

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Synopsis for "The Garden of Death!"

Death views the Earth as a garden and finds the mushroom cloud of the atomic bomb a beautiful addition to his garden.

Appearing in "Suffocation"

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Synopsis for "Suffocation"

A woman develops claustrophobia after she and her husband smother her aunt in a closet for her money.

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