Appearing in "Come Share My Coffin"

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Synopsis for "Come Share My Coffin"

A prison commandant learns through an informant that prisoners are escaping by being placed in coffins with the dead and later dug up. In order to get the names of the underground railroad, the commandant has his informant buried alive and promises that he will dig him up. After waiting in the coffin for some time, the informant strikes a match and screams in horror to see that the commandant is sharing the coffin with him. He realizes that the commandant must have been poisoned by a spy.

Appearing in "With Knife In Hand!"

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Synopsis for "With Knife In Hand!"

A surgeon starts performing procedures for gangsters in order to make money for his wife, but she cheats on him with the very gangsters he's been helping. When one of the gangsters brings her in with a fatal bullet wound, and the doctor realizes it's his wife, he commits suicide and leaves her to die on the table her pleas falling on deaf ears.

Appearing in "The Coward!"

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Synopsis for "The Coward!"

A gangster wants to avoid retribution at the hands of one of his pals so he resolves to kill himself but he hasn't got the nerve. When the man phones him and threatens to see him tomorrow night, the gangster constructs a time bomb and places it out of reach and handcuffs himself on the opposite side of the room without the handcuff keys. The radio announces a bulletin that the man he is afraid of has been killed in an auto accident.

Appearing in "Voices"

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Synopsis for "Voices"

A radio operator builds a set that can pick up broadcasts from the future and he resolves to get rich but he hears a bulletin announcing his death. Since he believes that he has heard the future, he decides he will cheat fate by suicide, but the broadcast was the result of his friends playing a practical joke on him.

Appearing in "The Slums"

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Synopsis for "The Slums"

A gangster commits suicide after he gives a panhandler a counterfeit bill and doesn't recognize her as the woman that he loves and has returned to the slums he grew up in to bring her out of them. She kills herself when she realizes the bill is fake.

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