Appearing in "Witchcraft!"

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Synopsis for "Witchcraft!"

An executioner thinks to drum up business by accusing an old hermit of being a witch, but the woman will not confess even under torture. The executioner disguises himself as the devil and visits her in her cell. He gets her to agree to confess when a guard sees him and raises the alarm. He attempts to remove the costume and finds that he cannot since the old hag really was a witch and uses the commotion to escape.

Appearing in "Dead Beat"

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Synopsis for "Dead Beat"

A crook commits fraud by selling stock in a fake uranium company and sending the money to his fiance. When he returns to her, he finds that she has invested all the money in his fake uranium company.

Appearing in "One Must Die"

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Synopsis for "One Must Die"

A man in a drilling rig plots to murder his co-pilot when he discovers only enough food for one man to return from their days long subterranean journey. After he executes an accident-like death that destroys the other man's body he notices that there are no return controls on the instrument panel. He gets a radio message informing him that his co-pilot was a robot containing the reverse controls for the drilling rig.

Appearing in "The Man in the Mask!"

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Synopsis for "The Man in the Mask!"

A skeleton in a mask testifies before the UN of communist atrocities.

Appearing in "We Saw It Happen!"

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Synopsis for "We Saw It Happen!"

In India, four different witnesses give false testimony in court, including the ghost of the deceased! The Hindu god of justice appears in the courtroom to punish all four individuals for their deceit.

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