Appearing in "I Died Tomorrow!"

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Synopsis for "I Died Tomorrow!"

A man invents a time machine and begins to regularly predict the future until a mob is angry that there is nothing left to live for if everything is known in advance and burn down his lab.

Appearing in "The Brute!"

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Synopsis for "The Brute!"

Julius Caesar has a dream that he and his close associates are 30's gangsters warning him of his impending assassination.

Appearing in "They Crawl By Night!"

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Synopsis for "They Crawl By Night!"

A bum finds self-respect when he rejects an offer of underground beings to be their leader in an invasion of the surface world.

Appearing in "What Stanley Saw!"

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Synopsis for "What Stanley Saw!"

A pilot sees a flying saucer land and loses his job over the publicity. He investigates and finds alien refugees attempting to keep a low profile. His boss and girlfriend drive out to locate him and see the aliens too but decide it would be best to keep quiet about them and his boss rehires him.

Appearing in "The Gray Thing!"

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Synopsis for "The Gray Thing!"

In the year 2856 a man tells a friend a story about an antique robot he acquired that was built three hundred years ago.

Appearing in "The Man Who Crushed Rocks!"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Crushed Rocks!"

A man gets driven off into a swamp and finds a spring that gives him great strength. He returns to the town that drove him out and robs the bank. He leaves a clear trail for the sheriff to follow so he can polish him off. The sheriff confronts him and tells him that he knows of the spring and its effects are temporary so that he can now arrest him.

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