Appearing in "Afraid To Open the Door!"

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Synopsis for "Afraid To Open the Door!"

A criminal attempting to avoid jail enters a room with two doors containing a hermit. The man tells him if he leaves through the wrong door he will be trapped in a shadow world of strange creatures so the criminal decides to wait until someone else enters by one of the doors so that he knows which one leads back to the ordinary world.

Appearing in "The House That Cried!"

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Synopsis for "The House That Cried!"

A bum tries to rob an old woman in a dilapidated house who turns out to be a ghost.

Appearing in "The Ragged Man"

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Synopsis for "The Ragged Man"

A heartless businessman gets what's coming to him when the Geiger counter he keeps on his yacht goes off and he spends all his money buying worthless land because he thinks that there is a fortune in uranium underwater. It turns out that there was a nuclear sub under his yacht at the time.

Appearing in "The Terrible Tree!"

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Synopsis for "The Terrible Tree!"

A man weakens a large redwood tree so that it will fall on his farm and he can collect on the insurance policy. Objects made from the tree pursue vengeance upon him.

Appearing in "The Perfectly Frightened Man"

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Synopsis for "The Perfectly Frightened Man"

A man is convinced by his wife that he is the victim of a hoax designed to make him think he has inherited sorcerous powers, but when he says "I'll be a monkey's uncle", he turns into one.

Appearing in "The Missing Film"

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Synopsis for "The Missing Film"

A jealous stagehand swaps a real dagger for a rubber prop hoping that his actor rival will stab himself and he will be free to pursue his love interest without competition. The actor only scratches himself, however, and when the stagehand becomes trapped he fails to free himself in time armed with merely a rubber dagger.

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