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Appearing in "The Ghost Came C.O.D."

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Synopsis for "The Ghost Came C.O.D."

A schemer comes up with the idea to send off invoices to the recently deceased figuring grieving widows will just pay the invoice to take care of the matter quickly. The fraud works until one of the dead comes back to his shop and reveals himself as a Martian living within the body of a human. The Martian silences the schemer.

Appearing in "The Replacement!"

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Synopsis for "The Replacement!"

A criminal steals a dying man's jacket and when he finds an airline ticket in the pocket he attempts to use the plane to escape the police. When he boards the plane it takes off and he is surprised to see that there are no other passengers or even a pilot. He panics and tries to leave the plane. The police find his body in a field as though he had fallen from a great height. Since the criminal had taken Death's plane ticket meant for him, the dying man recovers.

Appearing in "The Voice of Fido!"

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Synopsis for "The Voice of Fido!"

A ventriloquist uses a dog in his act in place of a dummy. When a fire breaks out the dog leads people out by speaking and the ventriloquist gets credit for it, but the ventriloquist denies speaking.

Appearing in "It Waits Under the Sea!"

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Synopsis for "It Waits Under the Sea!"

A man plans to traverse the globe completely underwater, but when he sees a tunnel he becomes curious and directs the submarine into it. He becomes trapped in a holding tank for Marineland and won't be found until the exhibit is next opened.

Appearing in "The Eerie Experiment!"

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Synopsis for "The Eerie Experiment!"

Two men in 1977 using a radio attempt to warn a government agent breaking up a communist spy ring in the past.

Appearing in "He Wore A Black Beard"

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Synopsis for "He Wore A Black Beard"

A man living with an inventor is surprised by a visitor who claims to be from the future. The man resents the inventor and comes up with a scheme to frame him with the time traveler's help, but after he steals money and gives it to him, he realizes the time traveler is the future self of the inventor he lives with and the man is not going to frame himself.

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