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Appearing in "I Created Mechano!"

Featured Characters:

  • Tommy Briggs

Supporting Characters:

  • Mister Hopkins



  • Town Industrial Fair

Synopsis for "I Created Mechano!"

Strange Tales Vol 1 86 001.jpg

This story has a similar plot to "The Death of Monstrollo!" in Tales of Suspense #25. Instead of a movie producer, it's an old man and a boy who put together a robot for a fair that, due to an atomic accident, begins moving under its own power. They use an electromagnet as magnetic "bait" to lure it to the forest where it engages the conveniently invading aliens.

Appearing in "The Secret of Georgie's Globe!"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Secret of Georgie's Globe!"

Strange Tales Vol 1 86 015.jpg

A clumsy kid gets a globe as a gift from his parents and is surprised when he spins water in an Arab desert area of the globe to hear a news report that rain has occurred in an Arab desert that never receives rain. He puts it down to a coincidence, but when he later strikes the globe with a ruler and knocks off an island and the news reports that an island in the same area inexplicably blew up, he becomes convinced that whatever happens to the globe will also occur to the planet. He nails the globe to the desk and covers it with a dome, which annoys his parents. They tell him to pack up for a move and he freaks. He tells the mover to be careful with the globe but he drops it anyway. The boy can't look as he is certain it's the end of the world. The globe shatters when it hits the floor, but nothing happens. Ditko shows us a dead world somewhere in the galaxy that explodes when the globe hits the floor, and Stan assures us that it was providence who moved the spell off of the Earth and onto the dead world.

Appearing in "Beware of Meeks Bringing Gifts!"

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Synopsis for "Beware of Meeks Bringing Gifts!"

Strange Tales Vol 1 86 020.jpg

Aliens attempt to soften Earth up for an invasion by providing free labor-saving devices, but a newscaster is suspicious of them, and so forces one of them at gunpoint to confess over a TV broadcast.


  • First issue of this series to feature the MC logo on the cover.

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