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Appearing in "Zzutak The Thing That Shouldn't Exist!"

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Synopsis for "Zzutak The Thing That Shouldn't Exist!"

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An Aztec elder seeks out an American comic book artist to paint creatures using magic paints so as to build an army from the 3D creatures the paint creates. The artist is hypnotized by the paints to travel to Mexico and create ZZutak, but after hearing the elder's plans, he mutters under his breath "ZZutak is your enemy" while painting the second figure. When the magic paint brings the second figure into existence, his plan has worked and it begins a battle with ZZutak. The elder attempts to get them to stop fighting, but they ignore him. They damage the temple supports, and the edifice crashes down upon all three of them. The elder escapes, but as he was struck by a falling stone, he has developed amnesia and his plans for conquest are lost forever.

Appearing in "The Lifeless Man"

Featured Characters:

  • Joey Clark

Synopsis for "The Lifeless Man"

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A boy buys an old World War I toy soldier and he and his two friends go playing in the woods when they come upon a bear. They flee the bear, but fall into an old mine shaft while the boy lost his toy soldier somewhere up top. The bear is startled away by the crack of a rifle shot and the boys think that it must be a hunter. They yell for help in escaping the shaft, but no one comes, however the gun continues to fire. Eventually, townspeople are annoyed enough to come check out the situation and rescue the boys but can find no hunter. When the boy and his two friends find his toy soldier, the soldier has a smile on his face and his rifle is smoking.

Appearing in "Punishment!"

Featured Characters:

  • Urru

Synopsis for "Punishment!"

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